Pimpr Review | WTF is Pimpr?

Click here to join on March 2nd at 10am EST and get my PREMIUM bonuses (listed below) FREE!

Click here to join on March 2nd at 10am EST and get my PREMIUM bonuses (listed below) FREE!

Bonus 1: 

Bonus 1: A LIVE coaching call with me AND #1 internet marketer Stephen Gilbert on 7th March at 1pm EST.
Jump on a call with me and Stephen Gilbert and let us show you exactly how we became full time internet marketers. Ask us any questions that you want on the topic of IM. Let us help you to grow your business.
  • Want to know exactly how we went from zero to 6 figures per year online?
  • Want to know how I built my email list up to 22k+?
  • Want to know where I see the internet marketing industry going next and what action you should take to stay ahead of the pack?
  • Want to know how to get in first into the next online money making opportunity?
  • Want to know EXACTLY what you should do to get to $100 per day?
  • Want to know the FASTEST way to make money online?
I have managed to convince my own favorite internet marketer, Stephen, to jump on a call with me to teach you some real golden nuggets from the world of internet marketing.
This bonus is not to be missed!
There will be no promotion on this call. This is strictly to help you and answer your IM related questions in person.
Only people that pick up Pimpr will get access to this private coaching call.

Bonus Package #2: (From Stephen and delivered automatically when you pick up Pimpr from the links above)

1) My 100k in 90 days case study. This is going to show you how to scale pimpr up. It's something I only sell for $100+ or more, and I've never released it to the public more than twice. So, you're actually going to be getting this free, and what it is is 3 hours of step by step videos showing you how to do the same. Now, obviously, you won't make 100k right out of the gate. But you will definitely make thousands doing this and it ties in perfect with Pimpr.

2) My 450k in 30 days case study This also goes perfect with Pimpr. This is something I sell on my website for $47, and most people don't bother picking it up or looking at it. But it's one of the best trainings I've ever done, and it shows you how we did 450k using a method similar to Pimpr. There's a lot of gold nuggets in this training that will tie in with Pimpr and ultimately make you more money. So I felt like it was a perfect fit to include here.

3) My Free Traffic Meteor Comet Course Pimpr involves 100% free traffic. Which is great. So, what would make this more great is if you could get even more free traffic! So, I'm going to be giving you my Meteor Comet course which sold for $7. The main benefit to you here is you're going to be getting even more free traffic which will make you even more money. Woohoo!

All in all, you're getting 3 courses that contain 6 hours of video, a cheat sheet, and a 45 page PDF. All of these previously sold for $100, $47, and $7 respectively. I'm making these available to you so that you can really take Pimpr to the next level!


Bonus Package 3:

Junk traffic alchemy bonuses from Fergal

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