Passive Income Machine Review

Welcome to my Passive Income Machine Review where I will be giving you a full rundown of what this course entails

Passive Income Machine is a new course which has been created by Trevor Carr and Paul Nicholls. It will be going live on 28th June at 10am EST and the price will start at $9.95.

Passive Income Machine Review – The Course

passive income machine review
Passive Income Machine Review

The product itself will teach you a recurring income business model where you set up your own membership site and charge a monthly fee for your members to have access to it. This allows you to have pretty much passive income in whatever niche it is that you choose to enter.

The course also talks about the more techy side of things. The software that you will need to create your site and the membership plugins which are best to use. Luckily these software and plugins are very easy to use and you do not need any techy skills to make Passive Income Machine work for you.

Passive Income Machine also shows you multiple free traffic sources where you can get your traffic from to your membership site.

You might be worrying that you don't have enough knowledge to create such a course. Or that no one will pay for what you have to offer yet but inside Passive Income Machine the lads show you exactly where to find the info to put into your course. Its a lot easier than you think.

Inside Passive Income Machine

Inside Passive Income Machine there are 16 in depth videos in total which are taught by both Trevor and Paul giving you mentor-ship from 2 top marketers. You will also have access to both guys for additional training and support throughout the course.

Passive Income Machine Review
Passive Income Machine Members Area

My Own Experience With This Method

I don't actually have my own recurring commission membership site but instead what I do is I recommend one as an affiliate and I get 50% commission of $49 per month for doing so. Unfortunately for me this site does not convert very well as they do not offer a $1 trial (this would increase conversion dramatically). Between the low conversions and giving 50% commission away I am currently leaving a lot of money on the table so after studying Paul and Trevor's Passive Income Machine I am going to create my own membership site to increase my own recurring income, instead of promoting someone else's course.

Is Passive Income Machine Good?

Yes, Passive Income Machine is a good course because it allows you to build up that passive income that everyone craves. Lot's of marketers spend weeks creating and launching courses only to have to start again 1 month later and launch another course. This method allows you to create 1 method and make money for years to come.

Passive Income Machine
Passive Income Machine Sales Page

Is There Anything Missing?

After completing my Passive Income Machine review I don't think there is anything missing but you can never go wrong with having more traffic methods to drive even more traffic to your $1 trial. After all it will only make you even more money. So for that reason I am going to give you the following bonuses when you pick up Passive Income Machine through this page.


*These bonuses will be delivered to you automatically when you pick up Passive Income Machine.

Bonus 1: Free Traffic Bonanza – This is my own free traffic method that I use to make about $1,000 per week using only free traffic. Simply set this method up and direct the free traffic to your $1 trial for you membership site ($47 Value)

Bonus 2: Free Traffic Sniper – With this method I get 1972 visitors to my website everyday and for free. Simply set it up and direct that free traffic to your membership site sales page. ($27 Value)

Bonus 3: Fergal's $50,000 in 90 Days Challenge – When I first started internet marketing I made $50,000 in 104 days. Now I am giving you all the tools, all the training and the support that you need to attempt to make $50,000 in just 90 days. ($27 Value)

Passive Income Machine


I hope you enjoyed my Passive Income Machines Review, let me know if you have any questions.