New funnel

Step 1: Grab your new affiliate link from this link:

Step 2: Download your many chat funnel template from here:

Step 3: Send me the link to your growth tool opt in page and your warrior plus username by email: fergaldownes[at]hotmail[dot]com

Step 4: Once you are setup I will let you know and you can start sending traffic to your new funnel.

Best solo ad sellers:

Ask solo ad sellers if they do bot only clicks. (the best method is to find your own sellers so that we are not all overlapping the same clicks)

Kevin Laiks messenger bot clicks – Be sure to as for messenger bot clicks ONLY – IMPORTANT: in the notes section please mention that you are my student before ordering. This is to make sure that we don't overlap clicks.

Mark Haydin's normal clicks are still good – opt in rates are lower now but sales are still strong, especially upsell sales.

Mark Haydin messenger bot clicks – fantastic opt in rate and upsell sales rate.