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bot badassery review - Bot Badassery Review - Get Leads for PenniesFacebook messenger bots are the latest and greatest thing when it comes to building a list and keeping them engaged. The reason that only the best marketers are currently using them successfully is because there haven't been too many courses released on them just yet. So beginners find it difficult to use them correctly.

But, when used correctly they can bring in leads for pennies, in any niche, and the best thing about them is the open rates. They can be as high as 80-90% compared with 10% on a regular email list open rate.

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Bot Badassery Review

Unfortunately its not so easy to go it alone when it comes to Facebook messenger bots. I tried to and I have my Facebook ads account disabled temporarily. That is one of the reasons that I love Bot Badassery. It shows you exactly what to do to get this working correctly, so that you stay inside the lines of Facebooks rules.

The creators of this product, Robert Stukes and Shawn Anderson, have not done a product launch in years and the reason for that is they simply didn't need to. They have been killing it in various different niches but building massive, engaged FB messenger lists using the Bot Badassery method.

This course is 8 modules in total. Inside you are going to learn:

  • How to set up your messenger bots correctly to start withing FB's guidelines.
  • How to set up your FB ads for the cheapest possible leads.
  • Additional ways of getting subscribers for those of you without a marketing budget.
  • How to market to your audience to bring in maximum commissions.


*These bonuses will be delivered to you automatically inside JVzoo when you join through this Bot Badassery Review

  1. Bonus 1: Ok so you have the FB bot set up, but you don't have a marketing budget. My Free Traffic Bonanza method allows me to make $1000 per week with free traffic. Simply plug this method into your FB bot and let it run for you. ($37 Value)
  2. Bonus 2: Lets get even more free traffic. My Free Traffic Sniper method allows me to bring in 1987 targeted visitors to my funnel each and every date. Again, just plug it into your FB bot and watch the traffic and sales roll in. ($45 Value)
  3. Bonus 3: My $50,000 in 90 Days Challenge. When I start IM I made $50,000 in 104 days starting from scatch. Now, inside this course I give you all the tools, training and support that you need to attempt to make $50,000 in just 90 days. ($97 Value)

Total value of bonuses: $179

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