The 4 Best Jobs for Working Remotely | Copy My Experience.

The 4 Best Jobs for Working Remotely | Copy My Experience.

It was always a goal of mine to be able to work from anywhere in the world, be my own boss and make a lot of money doing so. I was never a very studious kid but I always had an entrepreneurial mind set. Even at this early age I knew I had to what the best jobs for working remotely are so that I can spend the summer in Ireland and the winter on a beach somewhere that was not Ireland. I can remember back to when I was just 10 years old and trying to set up a formative company from my back garden. I created something that somewhat resembled a chair and it was at that time I discovered that the furniture business was not my calling in life.

In 2008 I was working in a heart breaking telesales job in Galway City in Ireland. It was the most awful, horrible experience of my entire life. I was calling people that didn’t want to be called trying to get them to buy fuel cards.

I knew I had to do something drastic so instead of doing the sensible option of starting a University course I looked for the quick and easy option so I started looking at courses to study to make money online.

To my absolute amazement I made $22 on my 8th day. I then quickly rang my parents and told them I was going to be a millionaire. Alas, this was not to be as I didn’t make another cent for another 8-9 months. I was crushed.

I didn’t give up though. For the next 2-3 years I studied course after course after course on internet marketing determined to make this work. I was determined to be an internet marketer as I knew that it was easily one of the best jobs for working remotely that you are likely to find anywhere.

In 2012 I got an IM coach. I made $1,000 after 6 weeks and $50,000 after 104 days. BOOOOOOM-ski. I was then a full time internet marketer. I bought a flight to Thailand. Got an office out there and became a digital nomad. That is how I discovered the best jobs for working remotely from my own personal experience.

So here is a list of the 4 best jobs for working remotely.

  1. App developer – When I was in Thailand I met a twenty-something mobile phone app developer who was chasing his first million.
  2. SEO consultant – SEO is a pain in the ass but if you have some skills at getting sites ranked in google then you can approach businesses to hire you. Once you have a portfolio of businesses on a monthly retainer then you can skip off to Thailand and rent a coworking office there to work from.
  3. Social Media Management – This is something that I am really looking into at the moment and it can be tied in with google SEO too. Companies pay you $1,000 per month to run their social media campaigns for them. Get just 10 businesses signed up to you and you will live very well with that income.
  4. Internet marketing – As you will see at the end of this article, internet marketing is an awesome way to make great money while working remotely. My number 1 recommendation is a course where you can get started for free today so check out the link below this article. IM is how I make money. It’s the most hands off way to make money which gives you the opportunity to only work 2-4 hours per day while you spend your free time exploring the new country that you have ‘set up shop’ in.


If you would like to follow in my footsteps then there is 1 course that I recommend above all others. The good news for you is that its free to join to day so you can get your internet marketing career off to a flying start with no overheads. Click here for the exact method that I used.

Want to make REAL money online - The 4 Best Jobs for Working Remotely | Copy My Experience.